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The BAMTEC® – Installation benefit

•  BAMTEC® carpets can reach an area of several hundred m2 when rolled out. This massively reduces the number of reinforcement elements to be installed.
•  BAMTEC® carpets weighing up to 1.5 tons are easily rolled out by 2 workers.
•  The installation performance per worker is greatly increased, saving time and requiring fewer skilled workers.
•  Thanks to the computer-controlled production and the plans of the BAMTEC® planning software, the positioning of the carpets is precisely defined and the quality of execution is guaranteed.

•  Quality supervision is reduced to a minimum
•  With the innovation BAMTEC® Wall, walls can now also be reinforced safely and quickly.
•  Pfeifer Seil- und Hebetechnik GmbH developed special mesh hooks for this purpose. These ensure safety on the construction site.

In general, the following installation performance can be expected:

Loose bar: 10 man hours per ton
BAMTEC®: 1 man hour per ton

The value for loose bars is an average value for bars of 8 mm – 16 mm and is achieved in regions such as Europe and North America. In regions such as Latin America or large parts of Asia, the laying performance for loose bar is massively reduced and therefore makes BAMTEC® just as interesting in low-wage countries.

Analysis of installation performance

Installation performance (Graphic 1)

With BAMTEC®, a maximum of 1-2 man hours are required per ton. Compared to loose bar between 8 mm and 12 mm this is a time saving of about 90 %.

* Source: Bewehrungsarbeiten im Baubetrieb / Prof. Hofstadler, Gerald Franzl

Analysis for pouring section (Graphic 2)

The values from graphic 1 are now used here specifically for a pouring section. The result speaks for itself and is conclusive.

* Source: Bewehrungsarbeiten im Baubetrieb / Prof. Hofstadler, Gerald Franzl

Reinforcement steel

Labor costs installation

Advantage BAMTEC®

67 % straight bars (22 t)
26 % simple bended bars (8 t)
7 % complex bended bars (3 t)

30 € / hour as basis for calculation

Time savings
172 hours or 5 hrs/to

Labor cost savings
5‘174 Euro or 156 €/to

What does the time saving mean in concrete terms? (Graphic 3)

In order to overcome the shortage of skilled workers and the time pressure or to prevent weekend work, it is necessary to rely on solutions that solve precisely these problems. These graphics simply show what the use of BAMTEC® brings – in days or manpower:

* Source: Bewehrungsarbeiten im Baubetrieb / Prof. Hofstadler, Gerald Franzl

The time saving through the use of BAMTEC® has the following advantages:

● Pouring section is reinforced much faster
●  The job can be done with fewer workers and addresses the problem of skills shortage
●  Prevention of weekend work or overtime, leading to cost savings
●  Planning reliability and adherence to the time schedule are massively facilitated
●  Reduction of shell construction time is possible and saves costs


Tissot-Arena – Biel, Switzerland


Nola II – Italy

Shopping Center

Vadian – St. Gallen, Switzerland

Office Building

Airport Budapest – Hungary

Office Building

Klinikum Kempten – Kempten – Germany


Uetliberg Tunnel – Switzerland


Orkdalsvegen Tunnel – Norway


Highway A50 – Holland


Jansen – Oberriet, Switzerland


Brandenburger Urstromquelle – Germany


Winnersh – U.K


RWE-Tower – Dortmund, Germany


Home of FIFA – Zurich, Switzerland

Office Building

Primavera Oy – Germany


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