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BAMTEC® available in the USA in 2023: Two partnerships in the USA announced at once. A important milestone for BAMTEC®, and a strong signal for the entire industry.

BAMTEC® to partner with Spartan Group from Texas and Foundation Steel from Ohio.

Labor shortage and sky-high material prices in a generally booming construction market and additionally massive investments in infrastructure require solutions, that addresses all that.
BAMTEC® adds value on the entire value chain and is the only solution, that combines state-of-art rebar processing equipment and civil engineering know-how. Well-known construction companies have already signaled their interest in this solution at top management level. Automated production leads to material efficiency and savings, and the time saved during installation leads to program security and possibly shorter overall construction time. From what we hear on the market, BAMTEC® definitely has the potential to be a game changer. Why?

  • Companies using/installing BAMTEC on-site have mostly solved the labor shortage issue for this project

  • Program security and possibly shorter construction time

  • Thanks to automation and production off coil material efficiency is guaranteed compared to stock bar

  • 10-15 % material savings against standard mesh

  • Price? 1 ton installed BAMTEC definitely not more expensive than traditional method

We are extremely excited, that we can partner with two powerful and innovative one-stop rebar suppliers and installers which are going to start offering BAMTEC® in the second half of 2023.

Spartan Group, Dallas – Texas

Spartan Group will operate the first BAMTEC® Evolution Twin MMR  in the US with bar run-off length of 60 ft. The largest BAMTEC® plant ever build. The extended run-off length will enable Spartan to use BAMTEC amongst all other applications for CRCP (Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement) without using more steel against 60 ft stock bar. Spartan Group is the exclusive BAMTEC® for Texas.

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Foundation Steel, Swanton – Ohio

Foundation Steel has opted for the first ever BAMTEC® Dynamic Twin MMR plant. BAMTEC® Dynamic enables Foundation Steel to process all rebar material – also epoxy coated, galvanize or even GFRP. All applications incl. bridge decks can be built. Foundation Steel is the exclusive BAMTEC® partner for the states of Ohio and Michigan.

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BAMTEC® Contact
Miles Johnson – Head of Business Development