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Join the online live demo of the newest BAMTEC® plant: largest in history – first to be installed in the USA (TX)

BAMTEC® is rebar with real added added value.

May 9th – 4 pm CET / 10 a.m. Easter Time / 7 a.m. Pacific Time

3 main reasons for Rebar Fabricators

  • Automated production off coil from #3 to #6 lead to high-quality, tailor-made prefab and low production costs
  • Most flexible rebar solution in the market – all diameters from #3 to #11 can be processed
  • BAMTEC® „Ready-to-Roll“ concept guarantees, that your company will have all information to be successful from day 1.
  • and many more

3 main reasons for Rebar Installers

3 main reasons for Contractors/General Contractors

  • 1 ton installed BAMTEC® is more economic than 1 ton installed loose bar
  • Material efficiency or savings – compared to standard mesh you save always up to 15 % of steel
  • Shorter Construction time lead to additional cost savings / Program – scheduling security
  • and many more

Contact Miles Johnson to register or if you plan to visit the demo on-site.

BAMTEC® Contact
Miles Johnson – Head of Business Development