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High-rise building RWE Tower, Dortmund, Alemania

Unstoppable trend

In urbanized areas, dense construction is indispensable Due to lack of space, construction is increasingly increasing in height – residential and office high-rise buildings are CO2-efficient and can be built quickly and economically thanks to reinforced concrete skeleton construction with a curtain wall.


The use of prefabricated reinforcement leads to program security. This makes it easier to plan tactical or linear construction, earlier concrete pour is possible, work can be carried out with a smaller team or weekend work can be dispensed with. This results in cost savings.

RWE-Tower, Dortmund

By using BAMTEC reinforcement elements, one day could be saved per storey in this 20 storey building. One floor was completed in one working week (Mon-Fri).

Construction time savings: 20 days

27‘500 m2 gross floor area / 2‘600 t reinforcement steel
hereof 300 t BAMTEC

Construction time savings: 20 days

Type of project High-Rise
Shell construction costs in $ / € 12’000’000
Overhead costs construction site in $ / € 12’000’000
Building time shell construction
overhead costs/day
in $ / € 3’3333
Reduction construction time
Savings overhead costs
en dias
in $ / €
BAMTEC Reinforecement
Savings per ton
en toneladas
in $ / €

The construction site overhead* amounts to between 5
and 10 %. For high-rise buildings, the value is likely to be
above 10 %.

•  The use of prefabricated reinforcement (e.g. BAMTEC, modular reinforcement, etc.) pays off even with low construction time savings

•  The time saved can be used to postpone the start of construction in order to optimise the planning and construction solutions.


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