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Spartan Group exclusive BAMTEC® Partner in Texas – a perfect match: Engineering, construction and supply chain meets the most advanced solution for rolled rebar.
Adding value to the construction industry.

Spartan Exclusive BAMTEC Partner Texas

BAMTEC® to be designed, produced and supplied by Spartan Group, Texas.

BAMTEC® is delighted to announce a partnership with Spartan Group from Dallas Texas. Spartan Group is a family of companies that provide dependable turnkey Engineering, Construction, and Supply Chain service solutions. BAMTEC® and Spartan Group are a perfect match for the most advanced solution for rolled reinforcement.


Craig Wallace, CEO of Spartan Group:

“The decision to invest in the BAMTEC technology was based on the results of Spartan’s yearlong analysis of multiple variables within the material and labor market environments. BAMTEC’s innovative solution allows us to couple our engineering expertise with our extensive construction and supply chain resources. With BAMTEC, Spartan provides our multiple-market customers with a higher quality product, reduced installation time, lower project risk, and overall safety improvement in the handling and installation of reinforcing steel. Spartan is excited to partner with BAMTEC. We believe it will advance reinforcing steel fabrication and installation into the future as we continue to explore new ways to address the many challenges faced with supply chain disruptions and skilled labor shortages.”

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“We are convinced that we have the perfect partner in Spartan. Their innovative strength and performance is remarkable. We also know from the market itself that BAMTEC® is generating huge interest months before its launch. Time saving and material efficient solutions like BAMTEC® help to solve the most urgent challenges on every level – today and tomorrow. We are excited to be available in Texas and the states around.”

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Spartan Group.

BAMTEC® Contact
Miles Johnson – Head of Business Development

Spartan Group Contact
Craig Wallace – CEO