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BAMTEC® at World of Concrete 2023: Meet us and our partner, bringing this solution to the US in 2023 – game changing and added value rebar solution. Reasons to visit and VIDEOS in the article

Meet BAMTEC® and its US-partner with a game changing rebar solution

In 2023 in Texas and in Ohio/Michigan the first BAMTEC® plants in the USA will be installed. Visit us and our US-partner at the booth N955 and find out, what it does for your business.

BAMTEC® is rebar with real added added value.

3 main reasons for Rebar Fabricators

  • Automated production off coil from #3 to #6 lead to high-quality, tailor-made prefab and low production costs
  • Most flexible rebar solution in the market – all diameters from #3 to #11 can be processed
  • BAMTEC® « Ready-to-Roll » concept guarantees, that your company will have all information to be successful from day 1.
  • and many more

3 main reasons for Rebar Installers

3 main reasons for Contractors/General Contractors

  • 1 ton installed BAMTEC® is more economic than 1 ton installed loose bar
  • Material efficiency or savings – compared to standard mesh you save always up to 15 % of steel
  • Shorter Construction time lead to additional cost savings / Program – scheduling security
  • and many more

Overall BAMTEC® is a potentially game changing rebar solution. It creates a lot of added value on the entire value chain. It is a mature solution, that has been used on tens of thousands of projects already. New partner and users benefit from this extensive know-how.

Schedule your visit with us by contacting Miles Johnson.

BAMTEC® Contact
Miles Johnson – Head of Business Development

BAMTEC® partner Texas
Spartan Group – more info

BAMTEC® partner Ohio/Michigan
Foundation Steel – more info

American Progress Group is the manufacturer of this state-of-the-art equipment. The BAMTEC® machine is largely automated and highly powerful.

Progress Group