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The BAMTEC® – Added Value

BAMTEC® is the reinforcement solution that generates added value.

  • BAMTEC® allows to sell the reinforcing steel not by the price as usual, but by the added value. This allows higher margins to be realized on the reinforcing steel.
  • BAMTEC® producers position themselves as innovative solution providers, which actively helps the construction industry to meet the most important challenges such as lack of skilled workers, budget and time pressure.
  • With BAMTEC® construction companies or subcontractors not only gain program security, but also save costs by shortening the construction time.

Find out here what construction time reduction can mean financially:

Why BAMTEC®? The 4 success factors for reinforcement factories

To sum up, there are 4 factors that make BAMTEC® a success for reinforcement fabricators

  1. Construction companies are looking for proven, simple solutions that save time and money. BAMTEC® producers are welcomed with open arms.
  2. There is a very real possibility to win new customers with BAMTEC®.
  3. You do not only sell BAMTEC®. Of course, reinforcement fabricators also sell products and services such as loose bar, mats bent to cages and prefabricated reinforcement modules.
  4. Reinforcement fabricators achieve significantly higher margins per ton of reinforcing steel for BAMTEC®. The sale exclusively by price is a thing of the past. Solutions and added value are sold.

Interested in BAMTEC®?

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