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The BAMTEC® – Solution

BAMTEC® Reinforcement Technology is the most advanced and economical system for surface reinforcement. You reinforce slabs, slabs on ground and walls simple, extremely fast and safe.

What is BAMTEC®?


Simple re-planning and very simple installation.


BAMTEC® guarantees total flexibility. Bars with diameter 6mm – 36 mm and between 1.65m and 15m can be processed. Spacings are freely selectable. Almost all floor plans are possible. All applications can be built with BAMTEC® – from single-family homes to high-rise buildings, schools and hospitals, shopping centers and infrastructure projects.


Up to 70% installation time can be saved per component.


Reduction of shell construction time and material savings result in cost savings.


With innovations like BAMTEC® RED or BAMTEC® WALL new possibilities are created. With the continuous further development of the planning software we increase the efficiency.


BAMTEC® has been used for almost 20 years. You profit from a lot of experience and huge know-how.

The BAMTEC® – Planning

With the optimized BAMTEC® planning it is possible to achieve significant material savings.
The static calculation of the reinforced concrete slabs is carried out with a finite element program.

The BAMTEC® – Production

The BAMTEC® Evolution system developed by progress Maschinen & Automation is fully automatic and highly efficient.

The BAMTEC® – Installation

The challenges for the construction industry today are: Shortage of skilled workers, budget and time pressure. This leads to higher costs and more effort for quality supervision. BAMTEC® installation is extremely simple, extremely fast and the quality of the installed reinforcement is perfect thanks to the continuous data-controlled production.

The BAMTEC® – Added Value

BAMTEC® is the reinforcement solution that generates a real added value for all involved parties

BAMTEC® – License Partner

Become a BAMTEC® license partner and benefit from continuous further developments, the worldwide knowledge of BAMTEC® partners and a unique business model, which will strengthen your position in your market.

Acquire a BAMTEC Licence for the manufacture and sale of BAMTEC Reinforcement Technology.