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The BAMTEC® – Production

The BAMTEC® Evolution system developed by progress Maschinen & Automation is fully automatic and highly efficient.

  • The data generated by the BAMTEC® – planning software is transmitted to the machine and controls it.
  • This seamless process (CAM – Computer aided manufacturing) guarantees highest production quality.
  • The system welds the bars in the calculated distances and positions onto the assembly lines and thus produces a custom-made and precise BAMTEC® carpet.
  • Bars from Ø 6 mm to Ø 20 mm are processed from coil. Thicker bars up to Ø 36 mm are processed manually from the round steel.
  • The BAMTEC® plant is designed for one-man operation
  • New software for the acquisition and evaluation of production data. With Stabos, the quality and productivity of the plant can be increased. In addition, Stabos significantly simplifies maintenance planning.

Technical specifications

Bar diameter • 6 mm - 20 mm from Coil
• Bars up to 36 mm can be added mannually
Bar length minimum 1.65 m / maximum 15 m
BAMTEC® - carpet weight Up to 1.5 tons per carpet

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