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World Premiere: Foundation Steel exclusive BAMTEC® Partner for Ohio/Michigan with world’s first BAMTEC® Dynamic plant. Game changer for Bridge Decks

Foundation Steel from Ohio to operate world’s first BAMTEC® Dynamic line.

BAMTEC® is delighted to announce the partnership with Foundation Steel from Swanton, OH. This partnership is all the more exciting because Foundation Steel is the first company in the world to choose a BAMTEC® Dynamic. That alone proves Foundation Steel’s innovative strength. BAMTEC® Dynamic can be used to process epoxy-coated or galvanized material..

Danny Dymarkowski, Vice President Foundation Steel:
“Foundation Steel desires to be the market leader in all aspects of our industry.  Implementing Bamtec® will allow us to serve our clients and employees to the best of our ability for years to come!”

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“We are excited: Together with Foundation Steel we are able to introduce our new solution BAMTEC® Dynamic in the most important market for us. Foundation Steel can process any material with it. Anything that does not need to be epoxy coated can be processed from coil. This guarantees a highly material-efficient processing, from which all customers benefit. But now, for example, bridge decks can also be reinforced with BAMTEC. This leads to massive time savings and shorter construction times. A rebar solution with a lot of added value for all stakeholders. This will be a game changer.”

We look forward to a long and successful partnership with Foundation Steel.

BAMTEC® Contact
Miles Johnson – Head of Business Development

Foundation Steel Contact
Danny Dymarkowski